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FiveM Convert ESX Scripts to QBUS/QBCore

Hello FiveM players, this tutorial will show you how to convert ESX Scripts to QBUS/QBCore! This is a list for the conversion of scripts (functions for client and server). Client side esx:onPlayerDeath -> hospital:server:SetDeathStatus esx:playerLoaded -> QBCore:Client:OnPlayerLoaded esx:showAdvancedNotification -> QBCore:Notify esx:showHelpNotification -> QBCore:Notify esx:showNotification -> QBCore:Notify ESX.GetPlayerData -> QBCore.Functions.GetPlayerData ESX.IsPlayerLoaded -> None ESX.SetPlayerData -> QBCore:Player:SetPlayerData […]

ESX Admin commands list

List of commands for admins for the ESX Framework on FiveM This is a little overview /setcoords teleport to coordinates /setjob give job to a player /car spawn a vehicle /cardel or /dv delete vehicle /setaccountmoney set money amount of player /giveaccountmoney give money amount to player /bring teleport player to you /goto teleport you to player /giveitem give an item to […]

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