FiveM Android/iOS App download

FiveM is a multiplayer modification for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V (FiveM Android). It allows to play on own private servers and gives the possibility to create custom worlds with roleplay, for example. Players are hoping to see the multiplayer on Android soon, but is this realistic to expect? We can give you some information about this topic “FiveM Android”.

FiveM requires ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

To play on dedicated multiplayer servers, you need GTA 5 (the game) for PC and the FiveM Client. This multiplayer cliebt allows you (and other players) to play together and build own dedicated servers. Roleplaying feels really good and is a lot of fun to many people.

If you have the PC version of GTA 5, you can Play FiveM. However, yet, there is no FiveM app for Android OS.

Important notice for iPhone/Android users

Do not trust people sending you a FiveM app. There is no official app released by or Rockstar Games. Those apps are fake and are not legit.

Can we expect FiveM on Android?

As the multiplayer mod requires an original version of Granf Theft Auto V, we have to tell you: It is most unlikely that we can expect an app for FiveM. At least in the next couple of years.

Why? Because Grand Theft Auto V is not released nor developed for Android OS, yet. Maybe, in future, Rockstar Games will create an application of the game. Unlikely Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or other GTAs, there is no GTA V for smartphones out.

Is it impossible to use FiveM on phones?

For now, yes. But what brings the future – no one knows! Maybe Rockstar will decide to create an Android version, who knows. But for now, there is none.

But, what we can tell you: It is most fun to play FiveM mod on PC. Try it out on your computer, you will like it.

Create your FiveM server on PC

To create a server, you need to download all the files and run them on a good, powerful machine. Find out more about it on our tutorial: Click here

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