How to make your FiveM server popular | #1 FiveM Zone

Hey, in this post, we will give you some tips to populate your FiveM server – and get more players. It is mandatory to build a player base, and it can be hard and frustrating to start. However, there are different ways to advertise and gain popularity.

There are many popular FiveM servers – and a lot of bad ones. Because there is a big amount of non-quality RP servers, that’s why it has to be said that it won’t be easy to grow your server fast. But here are the best, most efficient ways:

Join Facebook groups and make postings

Create a post on Facebook about your server. Show the best features, like import cars, job possibilities, or maps that your server has to offer. Make a collection of pictures, or better: Make a video with cool music. People will click and watch videos more than pictures, and over Facebook, you’ll get a lot of good attention for your server. Join groups with topics: FiveM, GTA 5, roleplay, etc.

Build a website and forum

You need a Discord server – but have you thought about having your forum or website for your server? It is important to do so – because players can find you with the Google search then! So create a website with a cool design, pictures, features, and a server video.

FiveM server list

Ensure that your server is findable and visible on the FiveM server list. People will find your server better and better, and your population and player base will grow exponentially. To do so, check your server. cfg file if you disabled the server listing. Isn’t your server visible? Port 30120 has to be forwarded too, so make sure it is.

Tell your friends

Tell all your friends about your server. Find streamers to engage with your server. This will let your server grow very fast! Communication, friendships, etc., matter and are important for your server. Post your discord server link to your friends and friend discords.

Server lists

Submit your server to server lists like TrackyServer, and people will realize your server and might check it out. If you want to make your FiveM server popular, this is also one way to start with. Server lists are a good way to advertise your roleplay project and get a good player base because lots of people are looking for servers around the web.

In conclusion: Is there a best way?

Not really; you can make your server popular in many ways. There is no “perfect” way. Please find the best methods to make your server popular, and most important: Give it a bit of time. Your server will grow in time, not from today to tomorrow. If your server is good, your players enjoy it, and it makes it fun to roleplay, you can be sure that your server will always stay on your server and come back.